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Best Supermarket Cashback Apps To Save Money On Your Weekly Shop

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Are you looking for the best supermarket cashback apps to save money? Then, look no further. Supermarket cashback apps are a great way to save some extra cash, get a free treat, or even *whispers* get some free money!

Before we get to the best supermarket cashback apps, let’s look at how cashback apps work.

How Supermarket Cashback Apps Work

Remember years ago, when you have to cut paper vouchers or coupons out of a magazine or newspaper and present them at the till to get money off your supermarket shop?

Well, these days, major supermarkets and other retailers work with cashback apps and cashback sites to give you money back on your shopping.

cashback works by giving you a percentage or amount back when you make a specific purchase through a link or cashback app.

There are various ways you can earn cashback, and some of the best cashback apps even offer you free stuff, like free food and drink, the latest in-store deals, and giveaways.

Generally, to earn cashback you’ll need to have a bank or paypal account to receive the money.

The Best Supermarket Cashback Apps 2024

So, now you know how supermarket cashback apps work, it’s time to reveal the best cashback apps to help you to save money and earn free money.

Shopmium app

Shopmium is one of my favourite apps to reduce money on grocery shopping. In fact, I’ve saved over £129 in discounts and free money offers.

There’s no minimum cashout so you can get your cash paid into your bank account once you do your first offer on the app.

You can also do multiple offers using the same receipt.

Plus, you’ll also get a free cash bonus when you refer friends.

Get a free packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons when you sign up for a new account on the app. Just use my code C2K77C when you join.

Checkout Smart

CheckoutSmart is another brilliant app for getting extra cashback on your shop.

However, it’s worth noting that they have a minimum free cashout of £20 so you’ll need to do a few offers before you claim cashback to your bank account.

This is the best app for getting deals on alcohol. However, most deals can be time limited so that’s something to watch out for.

Quidco Clicksnap

If you already have a Quidco account, I’d recommend downloading Quidco clicksnap. This app is owned by the same company as Checkout Smart so you’ll often find the same offers. However, they do have some great free deals at certain times of the year.

There’s no minimum cashout here so you may prefer to use this app to Checkout Smart. The only downside is that the app is only available on iPhones.


GreenJinn has fewer offers than the others, but you’ll find a lot of healthy food on here.

The minimum cashout is £1.50 and you can use this app to get cashback on your grocery shop at the major supermarkets – sometimes you can get Amazon deals on here too.

How to use supermarket cashback apps

How do you earn money with a cashback app?

  1. Download the cashback app to your phone and sign up for an account
  2. See what relevant offers they have on the app
  3. Go to your local store and buy the item (keep the receipt)
  4. If you’re unsure as to whether something on your shopping lists is on offer then scan the product barcode
  5. Scan your receipt and/or barcode to claim cashback
  6. Wait for your cashback to be confirmed
  7. Withdraw your cash to your bank account or PayPal account

Where can you use supermarket cashback apps?

You can use the best cashback apps within a range of shopping outlets.

These include the big supermarkets – Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-op, Morrisons, and Waitrose. You can also use them in convenience stores.

Check the individual cashback app so you know exactly where you need to purchase an item from. Some of the latest deals are only available in one particular store so if you can’t find a product in your local store, you need to decide if it’s worth heading to another store to find it.

You can also use online shopping to receive cashback. Most cashback apps accept online receipts but double check the cashback app you’re using before you spend money on your shopping list. Some offers may only be available in store.

Can you get free food via cashback apps?

Yes, there are always deals for free items. A few recent offers include:

  • Free crisps and chocolate
  • Free easter eggs
  • Beer and alcohol
  • Fizzy pop
  • Tea bags

I’ve personally had easter eggs, beverages and crisps so these apps are definitely cost-effective, especially when you’re getting something you enjoy for free.

How to maximise your supermarket cashback with apps

  • Use cashback apps with your loyalty cards
  • Write a shopping list before you head out so you know exactly what you need to buy
  • Keep hold of your receipts until your cashback paid
  • Use receipt scanning apps alongside these offers

Other apps to claim cashback

Topcashback app

When it comes to getting cashback on a wide range of purchases, I highly recommend opening a Topcashback account.

Topcashback is one of the few apps that give you money back when you shop online, get insurance, buy a new mobile phone, etc.

You can even make money for surveys, free trials, travel, broadband, and much more.

I’ve made over £1000 over the years simply from using this app. It’s user-friendly and there’s no particular order in which to get cashback so you can just shop as you please.

I’ve rarely paid full price for anything due to the money I’ve claimed from this handy app.

What happened to topcashback snap and save?

This app scheme doesn’t run anymore.

Airtime Rewards

Want to save money on your phone bill?

Airtime rewards is one of the few apps (if not only app) that enables you to reduce your mobile phone bill.

How do apps like this work, I hear you ask?! Simply link your food bank cards so that when you spend in shops like Greggs and Asda, you’ll earn money.

Get 50p when you join below and another £1 for free when you make your first spend.

Sign up in just a few taps now and get up to £1.50 off your phone bill.

What is the best cashback app in the UK?

This is a tough one as it depends on where you shop the most, and how much cash you want to save.

Personally, I prefer Shopmium and Topcashback from this list – these are the two apps that I use the most.

I usually use Shopmium for shopping in store and Topcashback for shopping online.

Remember, you can claim a free packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons with my Shopmium code C2K77C when you sign up – just make sure you enter the code when joining.

Did you enjoy this list of the best apps for supermarket shopping in the UK?

Don’t forget to check out our other posts on ways to make money and save on your shopping.

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