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21 Cheap Eco Friendly Products For A Greener Lifestyle

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If you’re looking for ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without having to spend more money than you need, you may be interested in the best cheap eco friendly products.

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of money to start living naturally. There are many budget eco friendly products on the market, and here I’m going to show you some of the best ones to incorporate into your home.

First, let’s look at why you may want to start using more environmentally friendly products.

Why Using Eco Friendly Products Is Important

Did you know that plastic waste contributes to over 100,000 deaths of marine mammels and over one million seabirds each year?

Plastic pollution is a huge problem, especially as plastic waste is now being detected in human blood.

With more people turning to an eco-friendly lifestyle in the near future, there’s never been a better time to make a change!

Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can start navigating towards a zero-waste life.

Going zero waste isn’t about perfection – it’s about starting to make small baby steps towards being more environmentally friendly for the planet and future generations.

The Best Cheap Eco Friendly Products 2024

If you’re ready to take a step towards a zero-waste life, here is an eco friendly products list that you can use to start making a difference.

Reusable shopping bags

Whether you’re going grocery shopping or browsing the high street, reusable shopping bags are one of the best sustainable products you can buy.

Plastic bags in particular are not environmentally friendly as they take around 300 years to break down, resulting in plastic pollution. Plus, the manufacturing process uses lots of harmful chemicals too!

So, instead of using a plastic bag, try an eco friendly version made from organic cotton.

This plastic free shopping bag is perfect for taking to the shops or on a day out. Designed with reducing our carbon footprint in mind, this tote is even shipped in recycled plastic packaging and recycled paper tags.

Get the Free People Organic Veg Dyed Printed Tote Bag here.

Reusable water bottles

Plastic bottles are also a huge contributor to plastic waste.

If you’re looking for ways to stop plastic pollution, then either using recycled plastic bottles or a plastic-free alternative is the way forward.

If you’re going to the gym, shopping, or simply travelling to and from work, and tend to rely on plastic water bottles, consider using an eco-friendly product instead.

A great eco-friendly alternative is a reusable bottle. Plastic free bottles can be used for water, squash, or smoothies. You can even pop a tea bag in with ice and make a delicious iced tea which is super refreshing.

If you purchase coffee or tea from your favourite coffee shop, you can use a reusable cup instead of disposable coffee cups. these cheap eco friendly products really do cut waste and if you start taking your own coffee or tea with you, you’ll save some money in the long run.

This eco friendly cup is a good alternative.

Stainless steel straws

Plastic straws are another single use plastic item that can easily be swapped out for sustainable alternatives.

Stainless steel straws are an excellent alternative – not only do they last for ages, but they’re also super easy to clean and can be used with any type of beverage.

Plastic free food bags or beeswax food wraps

If you’re frugal and like to keep food scraps or food waste for eating a day or two after, consider using beeswax food wraps instead of cling film.

Plastic free food bags are also ideal eco friendly alternatives as they can be used instead of plastic wrap to keep food fresh.

Recycled coffee capsules

If you love drinking coffee, swapping regular coffee capsules for environmentally friendly ones could help to save you money and cut down on single use plastic.

Refillable coffee pods can be used in different types of machines (depending on the one you have) and you can fill them with the coffee of your choice.

These are made from stainless steel while still giving you a great taste.

Recycled paper towels

Paper towels are expensive and add to waste around the home.

Stay eco friendly by using these cloth paper kitchen towels.

These paperless ones are super absorbent and come in different patterns.

You can also use bamboo towels, made from sustainable materials to reduce deforestation.

Reusable sanitary products

Reusable sanitary knickers are made from natural materials and act as a plastic free alternative to sanitary pads or tampons.

These panties can handle even heavy flows and are easily washable so you can start to lead a more zero waste life.

Organic cotton produce bags

If you buy a lot of fruit and veg from supermarkets, you’re probably used to seeing single use plastic bags.

Certified organic produce bags are environmentally friendly and can be used to store your fruit and veg at home too.

Other bags can also be used but those specially deisgned for fresh produce tend to be more eco friendly as they’re made from recycled plastic or material.

Stainless steel utensils

Stainless steel utensils can replace plastic utensils when you take lunch to work or have picnics etc.

These eco friendly products are afforable and you can use them around the home too.

Beauty products housed in recycled plastic bottles

Eco friendly beauty products tend to be vegan friendly and are housed in packaging made from recycled materials.

Green People are a beauty brand with cruelty free, earth friendly products. Their fragrance-free products are perfect for sensitive skin and are certified natural. They also sell sample packs so you can try before you buy.

Vegan friendly products

Many vegan friendly products are also eco friendly while being cruelty free.

Etsy is a great marketplace for finding vegan, eco friendly products at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift or something that can be used in everyday lives.

This XXX is made from recycled materials and comes wrapped in paper packaging.

Milk bottles

Having your milk delivered to your doorstep contributes to a zero waste lifestyle.

Your local milkman can deliver milk in a glass bottle and they’ll collect the bottles whe you’ve finished with them.

Reusable facial cloths

Instead of using face wipes, try using cotton cloths as an eco friendly substitute.

You can use cloths made from recycled materials, or regular cotton. Use them to wipe your face after cleansing and removing your makeup.

They wash easily in hot water, removing dirt, grime and oil so you can reuse them.

Dryer eggs

Wool dryer balls or dryer eggs are earth friendly products that eliminate the need for plastic products like chemical laden softeners housed in bottles that contribute to plastic waste.

These environmentally friendly products are completely biodegradable and keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. While wool are more expensive than plastic versions, they are 100% plastic free and don’t have chemicals that end up in your water supply.

Konjac sponge

This plant based sponge is made from konjac powder and water, and is housed in packaging made from recycled cardboard.

These types of sponges are good eco friendly products as they replace the need for traditional bath sponges or loofahs.

Bamboo toothbrushes

Why use a plastic toothbrush when you can have a bamboo toothbrush?!!

These eco friendly products are made from recycled bamboo and wood. Plus, they’re packaged in eco frienddly packaging materials too!

Plastic free deodorant

Natural deodorant is natural, eco friendly, vegan, and cruelty free.

This one offers strong protection against sweat and odours so you stay smelling super clean all day long.

Eco friendly glitter

Most glitter doesn’t break down, causing potential harm to wildlife.

This eco friendly glitter is made from plants and comes in sustainable packing.

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are great zero waste, environmentally friendly products.

Lush do shampoo bars that can be kept in a metal tin with metal lid for storage purposes.

Compost bin

Your local council may have already supplied you with a compost bin but if you want to get rid of your food waste in an eco friendly way, then getting one of these bins is the way to go.

Your local waste company normally collect them each week.

Homemade beauty products

What’s better than more eco friendly products? DIY products.

Homemade beauty products are easy to make and you can buy a reusable glass jar for storage.

Whether you wish to make a natural makeup remover or hand wash with lovely essential oil, you can find some easy-to-make recipes here. Buy a small glass jar or two (or reuse some you already have in your cupboards) to store your creations in.

Use These Eco Friendly Products To Create A Greener Home

Now you know some of the most affordable eco friendly products, you can take the first step to creating a greener home.

Becoming more environmentally conscious is a step-by-step approach but little changes, even just recycling your carrier bags, is a small action that can make an impact on the world.

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