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Free Money Offers: The Latest Deals Worth £400+

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Are there really genuine free money offers in the UK that will boost your bank balance?

Believe it or not, 100% authentic free money offers really do exist, meaning you can get your hands on some free cash for very little effort.

I’m always searching for legit free money deals and signups online. Places like cashback sites, apps, refer a friend schemes, and new companies, offer free money in exchange for signing up or sharing your referral code with others.

Here’s an updated list of current free money offers that you can take advantage of.

I only share offers that I’ve completed myself so I know they work.

I update these regularly so be sure to check back often to make extra cash.

Some of these websites may offer a free share, free stock or other incentives which equate to free money.

If you’re looking for easy free money offers without having to start completing surveys, then I’ve got you covered.

How to Use Free Money UK Offers

This is an extensive list so I suggest signing up for the free money online offers that interest you first. Once you’ve done those, you can go back and complete the rest.

Refer A Friend Schemes

Get more money by using the refer a friend schemes for these free cash offers.

Once you’ve completed them, share them with your friends and family, and you’ll earn more money from sharing your own referral link.

Refer a friend offers are an excellent way to get easy free money for little effort. Plus, referring friends can really help you out if you’re in a tight spot financially.

Do you need to pay tax on free money offers?

You can earn up to £1000 in extra income each tax year before you need to declare it to HMRC.

Cashback and wins from gambling do not need to be declared.

If you sell a free share from an app, this counts towards your Captial Gains Tax allowance. You can earn up to £12,570 in income before you need to pay tax on it.

Any other income should be declared to HMRC.

Free Money Offers List

Bank or payment app free money offers

PayPal – £10 free when spending £5

Get £10 free that you can transfer to your bank account.

Sign up for PayPal below.

Link your bank account or card.

Spend £5 or send £5 to a family member/friend.

Get £10 added to your PayPal account which you can then transfer.

Curve – £5 free money

Curve is a handy app that allows you to store all of your cards, cashback, and rewards in one place.

You can get cashback from places like Deliveroo, UberEats, and

Get £5 for free by signing up via the link below where you’ll also receive a free Curve card. Use your free Curve card to make a payment of £10 or more within 14 days to receive your free cash.

Cashapp – £5 free (instant offer)

Get free money instantly with payment app, Cashapp.

To get a free £5, just signup via the link below and use promo code PV7X5F1

Send £5 to a friend or family member within 14 days and receive your extra money.

(If you’re stuck for someone to send £5 to, message me and you can send it to me and then I’ll send it straight back so you still get your free cash.

Monese – £10 free

New customers to Monese get up to £10 free by signing up with the promo code ZOEW642

Verify your identity.

Order a card and activate it (choose the free plan).

Use your Monese card to make a transaction. Your bonus money will then be credited to your account.

Everything – £5 free

Everything is offering £5 free as pre-loaded cash on their new debit card.

Sign up to the waitlist below to grab your free money in the UK offer.

Twig – £2 to £5 free

Get a free Twig card and between £2 to £5 free instantly when joining with my code xxxx

You can also sign up with my link below.

Twig is an app that lets you turn your unwanted branded items into money. Plus, you can use their debt card when shopping regularly.

To get this free money in the uk offer, simply join Twig and enter the code xxxx.

Request your Twig debit card to get £2 free. Sell one item to Twig and cash out to earn another £3 for free.

You can withdraw or spend your free £5.

Saving or budgeting app free money offers

Snoop – free £5 amazon voucher

Snoop is a cool money management app that you can use to keep your finances in order.

Get a free £5 amazon voucher when you join and connect a bank account. Your bank account has to stay connected for at least 14 days to qualify for the free amazon vouchers.

Join via the link below and you’ll receive it within 28 days.

Cashback Websites

JamDoughnut – £4 free

JamDoughnut gives you cashback when you purchase gift cards.

A great way to take advantage of this cashback site app is to purchase gift cards for your local supermarket (so you can then buy your weekly groceries).

Get free money in the form of 400 points (worth £4) when you register and use the referral code xxxx

Airtime rewards – up to £1.50 towards your mobile phone bill

Airtime rewards is an awesome app that gives you extra cash towards your phone bill.

Download the app below and use code xxxx when sign up

When you join airtime rewards, we’ll both receive 50p and you’ll get free £1 if you spend within 7 days.

Airtime rewards enable you to earn free money when you link your debit and credit cards and spend money in the UK via their partners, such as Asda and Greggs.

OhMyDosh – £1 free

OhMyDosh allows you to earn money when you complete offers like free trials, participate in online surveys, and much more.

I’ve already withdrawn over £20 and you can make money fairly quickly.

Use the referral link below to join the site and get easy free money. – £5 free

Get money online with when making online purchases and receive £5 free when you join.

You can also earn £2.50 for answering a short, 3 question survey. Plus, get cashback for other tasks.

Sign up below.

Free shares or crypto

Ziglu – £5 free

Ziglu is a crypto app that enables new account holders to get a free £5 worth of crypto.

To get £5 for free, download the app via the link below and purchase at least £1 worth of crypto.

Once you receive your free £5 you can sell your crypto and withdraw it back to your bank account.

Minted – £10 free for new users

Minted is an app that enables users to invest in gold. New users get £10 for free via the link below.

Simply download the app. Verify your identity with a photo ID.

Use the code xxxxxx when asked.

Set up a monthly plan of £30 to make an investment.

On the date your payment is made, you’ll receive your free £10 bonus.

Cancel your next investment and withdraw your deposit and free money.

Bottlepay – £5 Bitcoin free

Want to get £5 Bitcoin free?

Just download Bottlepay and join using referral code xxxxx

Deposit at least £10 from your bank account and purchase £10 worth of Bitcoin.

Your £5 free Bitcoin will be credited instantly.

You can sell your Bitcoin and withdraw your cash back into your bank account (after fees, you’ll make around £4).

Wombat – £10 free

Wombat makes investing money into large corporations super easy.

Open an account and invest at least £10 to get a free £10.

To qualify for the free cash offer, you can’t withdraw within 90-days.

Wealthyhood – Free etf worth between £5 and £200

Wealthyhood helps long-term investors grow their wealth. Get a free etf (a collection of many stocks and bonds) worth between £5 and £200 when you sign up for a free account.

Join Wealthyhood via the link below.

Create a portfolio and top up your account with £10 of your own money.

Receive your investment funds (etf) within 10 days. – £5 free stock

Download the app via the link.

Deposit £1 or more to get a free £5 share.

Keep your ID and proof of address on hand as you’ll need these when joining.

Your free share can be sold and the money withdrawn to your account.

Tulipshare – £10 free

Open a Tulipshare account and get a free £10 credit when you top up with £1 or more.

Stick to the 90-day withdrawal restrictions to qualify for the free cash.

Stake – free share

Download the app and join using the referral code xxxxx.

Deposit £50 or more into your cash account (within 24 hours). Both you and I will get a free stock/free share.

Your free share can be sold and the money withdrawn back to your cash account.

Free food offers in the UK

Shopmium – free Pringles

Shopmium is one of a favourite cashback app of mine for free food and drink, and money off groceries.

Get a free tub or free tube of Pringles when you use my code below.

Simply download the Shopmium app and use my referral code C2K77C to get your free food.

To use Shopmium, buy the item you want from the in-app offers list (you can shop at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose) keep your receipt and upload a photo of it via the Shopmium app. Your free cash will then be credited to your account within a few days and you can withdraw this to your PayPal account.

It’s a great way to start saving money.

Costa Coffee – free coffee and cake

Get 5 free beans on the Costa Coffee app with my exclusive code 3Z5QZ.

Plus, you can earn points aka beans to receive a free coffee and cake when it’s your birthday.

Earn 1 bean when you sign up to app.

Earn 5 beans when you sign up with my code xxxxx

Get free cake on your birthday when you add your birthday date

Get a free coffee (or drink) when you earn 8 beans (4 beans when you use a reusable cup).

Pensions free money UK offers

PensionBee – £50 free

PensionBee combines all of your pensions into one pot.

You can add to your plan and easily withdraw your money.

To get free money of £50 into your pension, join PensionBee and transfer at least one of your pensions.

Browser extension offers

Slash – £10 free

Slash is a browser extension that gives you discounts when shopping online.

Join via the referral link below and get £10 free added to your account that you can apply to checkout when shopping.

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