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Hi, I’m Zoe, chief writer and editor at Talk Money To Me.

I started this website alongside my boyfriend, Gaz. Like many young couples in the UK, we’re currently renting a property and trying to get on the housing market. We wanted to create a website to share all our budgeting and saving tips that we’ve picked up in the years that we’ve been living together. That doesn’t mean we know everything about finance. In fact, we’re just like regular couples who have debt and navigating their way through life.

Gaz has recently increased his credit score by over 300 points and it’s still soaring, while I’m a dab hand at making money online (I’ve owned an online freelance business since 2014 and I’ve made affiliate sales, blog sponsorships, as well as other money making ways).

We want to make financial matters less complicated and more understandable. So, whether you’re struggling with debt or want to start earning extra cash, we’re here to share helpful tips and advice. With our free resources, you’ll be able to put our strategies straight into action to start seeing results.

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You can also find me at A Taste for Travelling.